Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Buckwalter, Party of Seven

So last Monday night all seven of us all piled into the van  for a little drive to get mama some nursing bras and the family some ice cream... um yeah you know the "essentials". We got all five kids rearranged and strapped into their car seats and we were ready. As we pulled out of the driveway I looked back. The van was completely full. It felt different. This is our family now. This is our new normal.
Sometimes it is still hard to believe that she is here and that we are now a family of seven. A party of seven really. Because when we are all in the house it can be like a party...a loud rowdy one.
No seriously it is good and I know as I get my energy back it won't always feel like this..a bit overwhelming and crazy. And I am really enjoying Eden and the cuddly bundle of joy that she is. It's just that I have these little moments where I am struck how our lives are now forever changed by this new life being part of our family! And it is just weird to think how different life is now than two weeks ago. We are all adjusting and finding our way as a family of seven and already can't imagine our lives without Eden Grace...

my favorite people in the world

mama and her girls on Mother's day

Here are some my favorite quotes from the last couple weeks:

Hope: "Mommy can I pet her"

Sarah: "Mom you are going to take a bath??? Can I watch you?" (umm..NO! i have not taken a bath in years so this was a new thought to her. i guess maybe she thought i was going to play with bath toys...hmmm)

Hope: "Are you feeding her with your bottles?"

and Silas's classic question when I was still pregnant: "Mom, is this the baby (pointing to my breasts) or is this the baby (pointing to my stomach)?  Ha!

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Angie Myer said...

So cute! I love the pictures & the kids comments! :) Hope you're all doing well!