Monday, May 7, 2012

my baby daddy...

I have been so blessed by my husband over the last couple of weeks. This pregnancy has been a bit different in that I didn't just need help during the recovery time but also before hand so it feels like things have not been quite "normal" around here for awhile. I think everybody is ready to have mama back. Each day I am feeling a bit more like myself and in the meantime I have been very blessed by Mark and the kids helping me out around the house.
On Saturday morning Mark took the kids early to Central Market for donuts. Then they went to visit some friends and to the park to play. After that Mark took all four kids to the grocery store. I was so impressed. I don't even take all four kids unless I have to (summertime for example).  He let each of the kids push a cart...that was until Hope rammed her cart into the elderly woman handing out sausage samples! :) They got everything on the list and the kids helped carry in the groceries. I was so proud.

Thanks Mark for being an awesome baby daddy and a wonderful husband! I love you so much!


AmyK said...


I've just been catching up on your blog lately. I realized today that I hadn't read it in a while and that you'd probably had the baby.

I'm so thankful the waiting is over for you and that she's in your arms. Your journey has been so encouraging to me - thank you so much for sharing it. There have been so many times when your posts speak to me about something that has been going on in my mind and I feel better just by reading your words.

Eden is beautiful. Enjoy those days on the couch. I've only done it twice, but there's something special about that "cocoon" time right after having a baby when you can let go of all the normal expectations and just sleep, eat and nurse the baby! :)

Love you!

Not Your Ordinary Anything said...

Aw, this is awesome! Way to go Mark. Laughed at the part about Hope running into someone with her cart & love the pic of all four kids where she is hugging Moses, so sweet.