Thursday, May 24, 2012

introducing Eden Grace...

When I was younger I loved to do photo shoots with my little sisters....I would dress them up, take them outside and pose them. I had my little fuji camera and would fill up the entire roll of film with pictures of them under trees with flowers, with headbands and hats on, and in different poses. I could hardly wait to get the prints back.

There is still something inside of me that loves a good photo shoot. While laying on the couch the last couple of weeks before her birth I dreamed of ideas for a photo shoot for Eden...while not all of them came to pass we did have a lot of fun doing three different little photo shoots with our newest bundle. I love that my husband is my photographer and agrees to my ideas including carrying a bed into the meadow. Mark did a great job capturing Eden. We were also blessed to have Lauren from Jeremy Hess Photographers take a few shoots of her in the studio. This girl has more photos of her as a newborn than all of our kids combined! I love it! :)

Introducing Eden Grace...

three days old in the meadow

three days old on vintage coffee sack ottoman 

photo compliments of Lauren from Jeremy Hess Photographers

four day old sweetness

two weeks old at Promised Land farm

Eden resting in the 1920's baby carriage I rode in as a baby

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Missy. said... precious. i guess we will all be fighting over her at the beach, eigh? :)