Friday, May 18, 2012

piggy toes and a confession

piggy toes
i have a confession to make...i love my iphone. i never thought i would say that. i gave mark a super hard time when he got his iphone and i prided myself on always getting the cheap free phones. when my cell phone got stolen in december i used a hand me down phone from a friend until that one fell apart...literally. then another friend gave me a phone which also stopped working. on night at dinner mark surprised me with an iphone. i wasn't sure if i should be happy or kill him for how much money he spent. turns out he did a little bartering with a client of his and i was the recipient of the barter. 
during my weeks on the couch i used my phone A LOT. pandora played non stop and i may or may not be slightly addicted to instagram. are a few shots taken with my iphone...another cool feature since i do not have a camera because mark has his at work most days.

i love all her little parts.
trusting eyes
nap time

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