Friday, October 31, 2014

the next chapters.

The End.

Just kidding.

Thirty one days is over but really our story is just beginning in some ways. There is still so much more to unfold. Some days I can get discouraged about dreams on our hearts that are still sitting there. But was reminded again about how God loves a good story. It is exciting to see what chapters are still being written.

I am glad to walk through this life with this man. My husband, my adventure partner, my dreamer, my encourager... my best friend.

I leave you with lyrics from a cheesy country song. What I love is the last our love song. I pray we could continue to chase our dreams and our love's still growing strong till we are old and gray.

So many things have come
So many things have gone
One thing that's stayed the same
Is our love's still growing strong

Baby just look at us
All this time and we're still in love
Something like this just don't exisit
Between a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess

People said it would never work out
But living our dreams has shattered all doubts
It feels good to prove them wrong
Just living our love song.

~Jason Michael Carroll

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AmyK said...

I enjoyed reading a recap of your relationship beginning! It was especially fun to read Mark's viewpoint!