Saturday, October 4, 2014

watching and waiting.

"Who is that?" I  (Mark) wondered eyeing the pretty girl with red hair from across the room.  "She's probably shacked up with some frat boy" I thought to myself. 
 "Too bad" I mused, I really was drawn to her and it seemed like there could be something there.

  I went on to get baptized at the campground that weekend and the pretty girl with a style all her own can be seen in the pictures watching from the shore as I went under the chilly april water.

I had just gotten saved a few months earlier and I didn't have a clue how people lived their lives outside of the bar scene that had framed much of my life for the last 10 years.  Little did I know that this beautiful college girl had no idea what the phrase "shacked up" meant and she probably wouldn't have allowed a frat boy within a 100 yard radius of her personal space:)

A few weeks later I was praying about my life and her name kept coming back to me....Heather, Heather....Heather.  I felt like maybe God was saying that she was the one for me.   I kept praying about it from time to time and I talked to my twin brother about it after a few days and we both agreed that while she might be the one - the timing wasn't right to talk to her about it.   
So I waited and watched.  And watched and waited.  
And I prayed.

Baptism. A new man.

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