Saturday, October 11, 2014

Will you go with this man?

 Mark and I got together on a Friday afternoon and shared and prayed together. He too had a crazy God experience the exact night at the exact time I did. We were amazed at the hand of the Lord bringing us together.We had both prayed for a God love story but were blown away as we watched Him write it on our lives.
Towards the end of our time together I could tell Mark was wrestling with something and he asked me to pray for him.
I started to pray for him and immediately got the sense that he might ask me to marry him and for some crazy reason I felt like I would say yes. While he didn't ask me outright to marry him he read from his journal what the Lord had been speaking to him about us getting married and walking in covenant together. It was an intense time where we both felt God's presence. We prayed and looked at each other knowing we were going to be husband and wife someday. 

I felt so much peace that afternoon praying and talking with Mark and was amazed at how God was drawing our hearts together. Yet I went home that evening and started freaking out internally. Most of my interactions with Mark up until this point had been in ministry settings. I had heard his testimony and seen him pray for people but I didn't really know him. I wasn't even exactly sure how old he was! I started to panic. We had basically said to each other that afternoon that we were going to get married and I don't really know him! I mean, what does he do for fun? What's his favorite color? What if we like different things? Oh my! 

The next evening my roommate invited me along to hear a speaker at a local church. The entire message was on the story of Issac and Rebekah. The speaker talked about how Abraham had sent his servant to look for a wife for his son Issac. He stopped at the well and prayed for God to show him which one was the right one for Issac. He asked for a sign. Before he was even was done praying he saw Rebekah and she fulfilled the sign he had been praying for. She was then asked "Will you go with this man?" She said yes even though Issac was a complete stranger. She made a decision to leave her family and the life she knew to follow this man who she didn't know at all. And in one day her whole life was changed. The speaker's entire sermon was based on this line "Will you go with this man?"

 I was sitting in my seat shaking. Here was a familiar bible story and all of a sudden I felt like I was living out my own real life version. 

And I felt God whisper to my heart "Will you go with this man, Mark?" Even if you don't know him that well, will you go with him".

And I whispered back, "Yes".

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